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Darius The Third: Flying Through His Own Shitstorm Part One

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Back in the beginning of October you my have heard about a KUGUTSUMEN.COM Exclusive where Darius the Third, the least voted for alternate member of the CSM and CEO of BrickSquad, leaked information from CSM Skype to Riverini, fellow BrickSquad member and lead editor of EN24. While the information leaked was trivial at best it showed that Darius the Third, the only CSM member in that timezone, violated the trust fellow CSM members thereby disgracing his position and calling his ability to objectively represent the Eve Online community into doubt. Little has come of Darius the Third's abhorrent actions until today.

Earlier this morning Darius the Third posted a explanation on the Eve Online forums. At first glance it is blatantly obvious this is a poor attempt to whitewash his actions and deflect blame.

I have been accused of breaking the Non Disclosure Agreement that I signed when I was elected CSM. I will be addressing that accusation in this thread and hopefully shed some light on what really happened.

At no time did I ever leak anything to anyone. I have never shared NDA protected Skype logs, nor any information therein nor have I shared anything from the CSM official forums. In fact I do not answer many questions from corp members, friends or any media unless I am 110% certain that my answer is NDA safe.

The 'evidence' that people use claiming I broke the NDA shows my innocence. The alleged leak shows the name"mittani" in chatlogs. Notice the lowercase 'm'? If you have ever had a discussion with me in any chat-take note that I always capitalize peoples names, locations etc.

I understand that this does not "prove" that I did not leak anything, however it is stronger evidence than that which has been used to indict me.

I ask you to apply the same standard of evidence to my defense as used in my prosecution.
While attempting to establish a history of integrity based on only his words he provides a nonsensical justification to doubt the provided logs. While one may capitalized the first letter in someone's name when typing, but you don't type logs. You copy and paste them.

Here's the original leak. Please remember this was provided by Riverini, a BrickSquad member and in no way a Goon.
Mittens says he is trolling you somehow.
[11:24:02 AM] mittani: we're about to leak a bunch of stuff to evenews24, fair warning
[11:24:12 AM] mittani: riverini is so hilariously gullible-----
[11:25:28 AM] mittani: riverini has a pet theory that 1. we're taking over everything (true) 2. we're riven with internal factions like the kremlin (false)
Please note the M in Mittens is capitalized. This would be something you type. The M from the logs isn't. This is something you would copy and paste. While it may seem that I'm talking down to you to point out the obvious it apparently didn't occur to Darius the Third. Now by his own admission of capitalizing names, see Mittens, he has strengthened the evidence against him.

Now that we've seen his whitewashing for what it is, a bad lie, lets continue onto the the rest of his post.

See here for Part Two.

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