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Crime and Punishment

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A 3 weeks ago, I received a 14 day ban on all of my accounts for allegedly botting. Like anyone else, I petitioned this ban, received a response saying "Sorry, we say you were botting, so it still stands." Whatever, only one more week, I thought. I found out that some guy, Anthie, a member of my alliance that I had never interacted with before, had petitioned one of my characters after he had killed and podded it. Fast forward to the end of my ban, two days ago. I excitedly log into my accounts, to update skill queues and do my other duties as TEST's military director. I was actually pretty excited to play eve.

I logged in my main. Hovered over my wallet, expecting to see the money that I left on the character, or at the worst a zero balance. Nope. Negative 6.9 BILLION ISK. At least all my assets were there. Today, I logged into another alt that I was training towards a Leviathan. It's balance was at negative 5B isk and all of my assets were removed. I had activated that account using the 4 hour activation for unsubbed account as my subscription lapsed during the ban, expecting to plex my character with one of the PLEX I thought I had stored on that account. NOPE. All of my assets were removed. I had 3 shield mods, the drake I was in space with, and an Ibis. Now CCP had not only banned me for two weeks, but had removed between 11 and 16 billion isk from my accounts. Two of my accounts are unusable, as with a negative balance a player cannot:

Upgrade a clone.
Purchase insurance.
Create a contract.
Receive a contract.
Participate in a station trade.

Essentially, they removed my ability to play the game. I could try manually ratting up that isk in sanctums, averaging 40 million isk an hour, but that would take me 172.5 hours, or 4.3 regular 40 hour work-weeks of nonstop ratting. Just to free one character from the shackles of a secondary punishment I received AFTER the ban.

Apparently this isn't the first time to happen. CCP Loki, the GM to apply the punishment to my accounts has apparently done this before (http://www.eveonline.com/ingameboard...1250211&page=1). I've received several reports from anonymous CCP sources that I am being made an example of, since I post often and am very visible within the DecCo / Clusterfuck community. If this is the case, CCP's behavior is both unprofessional and vindictive. CCP has a record of notoriously bad customer service, which lends to the argument that this it is OK to allow GMs to punish users as they see fit.

Lastly, I feel like this "example" they are making of me is falling on to deaf ears. Sure, it will punish the shit out of me, perhaps even make me, an enthusiastic EVE player and supporter (I've been playing under 2 years and am not 100% :bittervet: yet), quit. Is this going to help the bigger problem in EVE, the problem of large-scale RMT? I feel like banning and punishing a small time crook is ignoring the bigger problem of massive RMT empires sponsored by the largest alliances in the game. [Disclaimer: I feel like both parties in the current DRF v. NC conflict could find parties guilty of systematic and business-like RMT at different levels of leadership.]

I realize that there are many parties in EVE that probably support CCP's actions in ruining my game experience, because I allegedly violated the EULA. I realize this. I just question if its a good thing for the EVE community as a whole to have a customer service department that specializes in vindictive, heavy-handed punishment. Maybe CCP's ire and efforts would be better off addressing the massive RMT businesses operating within EVE at corporation and alliance members instead of ruining my game experience without even responding to my tickets.

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  1. Elenor Pewpew's Avatar
    Did you have any ratting payouts in your Journal to explain the so called "botting"? I realize that this has either been hashed over before or you've looked at it anyway, but if they're going to pull a number like 16bil out of their asses you'd think they'd at least have the decency to add up the amount you'd directly gotten from your "botting" action. I read elsewhere that you hadn't undocked some of those chars for months?
  2. Checkbox Poll's Avatar
    No, that was a different situation with an old Goon that hasn't ratted in years that was reported for botting by a retarded TEST member. In my situation, GM Loki took 10b off my main, and 5b off an alt. The alt was also stripped of assets.
  3. lolard's Avatar
    This article reads like CCP is the RIAA, and leetcheese happens to pirate his music.
  4. Elenor Pewpew's Avatar
    As a Not-retarded human, if I was a GM and with no other tools to investigate a suspect, other than to either observe them in game or look at their account/character details, I'd: try to convo them, see if they respond. Check their ratting income history - if there were superhuman periods of ratting (23 hr/day for days), raise a flag, investigate further.

    Fuck, I reported many, many botters in WoW, who use essentially similar methods to ratting in eve, and half the time then GMs still rarely had an effective way of proving they weren't real.
    I bet WoW saved more income information, too.
  5. Kebb's Avatar
    All this talk in your post like you didnt knowing bot. Face it, you botted because you thought the risk was worth the reward and CCP disabused you of that notion. Does it suck? Yeah. Will your friends bail you out if you decide to continue to play this terrible game? Probably.

    This was not the first time you were banned for botting as I understand it. Obviously forced time away from eve wasnt making an impresision. Did this? Will you do it again? Thats the real question you should be answering.
  6. Checkbox Poll's Avatar
    This was the first time I was banned for botting. I never RMTed as I didn't make much money botting.
  7. Jinli mei's Avatar
    Botting should really only carry the punishment of the 2week ban, this is just insanely cruel and a situation of the punishment not fitting the crime.
  8. griznatch's Avatar
    you cheated, you got caught, you got punished

    spare yourself some dignity and go on about your business
  9. Grim's Avatar
    Just steal from the corp wallet. Problem solved.
  10. Thirsty McDrinkerston's Avatar
    Woe is me
  11. Doink9731's Avatar
    The punishment is excessive.
  12. MrCaptAwsm's Avatar
    This is retarded and over the top. Add to that that the actual botting character didn't get any ISK taken away, this is pretty retarded. Then again, CCP being gigantic morons with no real knowledge of their own game isn't exactly news...
  13. Checkbox Poll's Avatar
    an addition:

    an alliance mate that was banned on the same weekend for 14 days for botting in a tengu (that pulled 3.5b a week) didn't have any isk or assets removed. welp.
  14. luvcuminbum's Avatar
    This is why NC and DF need to be purged from the North. They are the true botter/rmt faggits.
  15. Gyncognito's Avatar
    No sympathy for the devil?

    Understandable, but he makes a valid point on punishment. The neg balance is good, but subjective punishment is bad. The punishment should be clearly defined and plastered from here to the eve gate.

    Ccps ultimate goal, as a service business, should be to reform anyone with the potential to be reformed. The inability to even upgrade clones is basically saying gtfo, period. If you are going to hamstring a char this bad, perma ban it. Ccp is better off closing the account then allowing someone access who literally has nothing left to loose.
  16. Rakshasa's Avatar
    Using this as a (very public) test case, it's quite reasonable to assume botters in the future will be losing assets gained from botting. Whining that other botters kept their illegally gained assets is a rather idiotic way of justifying your indignation.
  17. Murr's Avatar
    Lol at all the honourable shitheads here. What has happened to these forums, fuck.
  18. HeliconOne's Avatar
    Murr: We're mocking somebody who did something retarded and is now crying about it. When was Kugutsumen.com ever not based on that ideal?
  19. HandofSatan's Avatar
    lol you're shit. Eat dick, botter.

    Cryfest post is super hilarious, thanks CCP for delivering great justice.
  20. tgr's Avatar
    Botter getting punished: don't care.
    Unequal punishment for same crime:
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