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    People will come.

    While walking in his cornfield, novice farmer BoodaBooda hears a voice that whispers, "If you build it, he will come", and sees a baseball diamond. His wife, Beffah, is skeptical, but she allows him to plow under his corn to build the field.

    Nothing happens, and Booda soon faces financial ruin. Booda and Beffah discuss replanting the corn, but their daughter, Triget, sees a man on the ball field. Booda discovers that he is Shadoo, a dead baseball player idolized by Booda's father, Montolio. Thrilled to be able to play baseball again, Shadoo asks to bring others to play on the field. He later returns from the cornfield with the seven other players.

    Boodas's brother-in-law, Baki Yuku, cannot see the baseball players, and warns Booda that he will go bankrupt unless he replants his crops. While in the field, Booda hears the voice again, this time urging him to "ease his pain." After attending a PTA meeting involving a resolution to ban books by author and activist-turned recluse Fras Siabi, Booda decides the voice is referring to Siabi. Booda finds a magazine interview about Siabi's childhood dream of playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers and his heartbreak when the team moved to Los Angeles, and convinces Beffah that he should seek out the author after they both dream about Booda and Fras Siabi attending a baseball game.

    Siabi denies making the statement in the magazine, but Booda persuades him to attend a baseball game at Fenway Park. Booda hears the voice again, which urges him to "go the distance." The scoreboard shows statistics for a player named Telkin, who played one game for the New York Giants in 1922, but never had a turn at bat. Siabi eventually admits to sharing the vision, and they travel to Chisholm, Minnesota where they learn that Telkin became a butt doctor, but died 16 years earlier.

    During a late night walk, Booda realizes that he is in 1972; he finds Telkin who confesses to him that although he regrets never getting to bat, he would have regretted not being a doctor even more. He declines Booda's invitation to fulfill his dream.

    While driving back to Iowa, Booda picks up a young hitchhiker who introduces himself as Grath. While he sleeps, Booda reveals that at age 14 he refused to play catch with his father after reading one of Siabi's books. He also says that at age 17, after an argument with his father about the criminality of the elder's hero Shadoo, Bodoa left home and never saw his father again. At the farm, enough players have arrived to field two teams, and Grath finally gets to bat.

    The next morning Baki Yuku implores Booda to sell the farm. Triget says that they won't need to because people will pay to watch the ball games. Fras Siabi agrees that "people will come" to relive their childhood innocence, and Booda refuses to sell. Frustrated, Baki Yuku scuffles with Booda, accidentally knocking Triget off the top of the bleachers. Grath runs to help and, stepping off the field, becomes the old "Doc" Telkin. After he saves Triget from choking, Booda realizes that Telkin cannot return to the field as a young man. After reassuring Booda that his true calling was medicine, the players shake his hand and he leaves. Suddenly able to see the players, Baki Yuku urges Booda not to sell the farm.

    After the game, Shadoo invites Fras Siabi to enter the cornfield. Fras accepts the offer and disappears into the cornfield, but Booda is angry at not being invited. Shadoo rebukes his desire for a reward, then reminds him why he sacrificed so much, saying "If you build it, he will come", and glances toward home plate. The catcher removes his mask and Booda recognizes his father as a young man.

    Booda introduces his father to Beffah and Triget. As his father heads toward the cornfield, Booda asks his dad to play catch. As they begin to play, hundreds of cars can be seen approaching the field, fulfilling Triget and Siabi's prophecy that people will come to watch baseball.

    The Players

    • Test - The Farmer
    • Tribe - The Little Girl
    • NCdot - The Bank
    • The CFC - The People
    • Pandemic Legion - The Baseball Players

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    Videos, Battle Reports, and Good Posts

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    Quote Originally Posted by powers View Post
    Yeah I was in the middle of the zulu migration, and it was a pivotal point for my interactions with most of test. Like the people I talked to on a regular basis in zulu were do-ers. When they left, all I had was test general, and it became increasingly more weird and awkward.
    As the leader of TEST General Jabber Squad I feel like I should make a statement here. And by statement I mean mad alcohol-infused rambling, cause that's what it turned out to be.

    I'm going to say :words: but I want to be clear about something: I don't give a fuck about the realities behind the various escalated situations regarding Goons and Test. I'm not privy to them, and frankly I do not care nor have a need for smug assholes who like to play backroom ~narrative~ games.

    If Montolio was the black mark on Goon's perception of TEST, then TEST's perception of Goons has been eroded by the consistent contrary-posting of those most exposed to our community.

    Irregardless of whether it was a conscious effort, it has been made very clear to TEST that Goon's did not agree to our diplomatic choices. Whether it was Andski shitting on Monty in General Chat daily, Endie making an AMA (which I stopped reading on like page 5 - full disclaimer), or powers and DBRB calling out our relationship with Raiden. over the days before VIP purge, WE HAVE BECOME ACUTELY AWARE OF YOUR OPINIONS - THANKS, CAN WE BE CHILL NOW?

    And this isn't entirely (grr) Goon's fault either - TEST general thrives on this bullshit. W.r.t.. powers and DBRB, I think that whole conversation was provoked by us ( to pull logs).

    And then when people get super-mad about each other's space-choices we do a retarded VIP purge and you guys start going full grr TEST on Kugu.

    I mean what the fuck duders? This is like a case study in why people can't be friends if their tag isn't some shade of blue. I think I'm the only dude who remembers when TEST/Goons were cool bros. Has it really been that long? Are people really that mad about losing spaceships?

    It's like I'm in high school again and my old friends are all like "I can't believe you hang out with so-and-so" and then start gossiping about how I slept with some fat chick or something I dunno.

    In response, I shall give you my opinion on the VIPs I was exposed to:

    Andski - Get fucked, you went from friend to "HURR MONTY IS THE DEVIL" in 2 seconds flat and never recovered.
    FREE DBRB - seriously I would vouch you in 2 seconds for VIP access. Out of all the Goon VIPs I miss you the most <3.
    Endie - sorry bro I wouldn't vouch you for a free super. I don't think it's possible for you to separate blue-status and friend-status, but at least you're consistent and use pretty words.
    Powers - Indifferent, Idgaf one way or another 'bout you brotato. Sorry - no offense intended but we're not friends nor do I have any bad opinions about you. Edit: Actually you're ok. I remembered you posted on /r/eve and /r/evedreddit.

    This whole "BUT WHAT MADE TEST COOL IS GONE NOW" really pisses me off too. TEST is still TEST. I still shit up general chat daily and the quality has neither increased or decreased. You just don't like the current leadership and their decisions. We have always been le reddit /r/athiesm pubbie scum only difference is now we're not blue so that autism from the newer members is spewed in your direction.

    Seriously fuck everyone (TEST included) for not being able to have neutral/red friends. You're like overly sensitive pricks in a whore house who blow their load every time some random dude plinks their ship.

    And to those sensitive TEST members reading this bullshit - grow a thicker skin. You may not have needed it until now, but unless MAGIC happens (or NC. is actually here for gudfights :mystery we're about to be on the losing end of a sov war for the first time.

    Back when BoodaBooda was still b0rt CEO we had a meeting and everyone was all "drop sov" and Boodabooda was all "we can't do that, but I'll tell you what..."
    3 months later - BEST FUCKING CEO EVER. CEO OF MY <3

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