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  1. Riding the Downward Spiral - A Faustian Bargain

    "Oh Faustus, lay that damned book aside,

    And gaze not on it lest it tempt thy soul”

    Since I last blogged things have come along in leaps and bounds, we have a (mostly) working Mumble server that everyone is on, the forums are working and used (even if they are plagued by bots!) and like an eager warren of rutting rabbits our numbers have grown.

    Playing in a small corp has proven to be much more different to the life of a nullsec ...
  2. Riding the Downward Spiral - Luring the unwary

    Quote Originally Posted by JimFromIT View Post
    Sabotage Inc is a new start up corp with an emphasis on black-ops and bomber warfare basing from low-sec and NPC null-sec. We are looking to recruit bomber, covops, recon and black-ops pilots especially, but are happy to consider anyone willing to work towards these ships. New players are encouraged to apply if they are willing to train to these ships.

    The corp is fairly relaxed-we are looking for chilled people to fly with, rather than those that feel they are elite in every