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  1. vBulletin Version 4.0.2

    250 bug fixes...

    It seems to have fixed the go to first unread post bug. Please confirm.
  2. Day-glo Erebus

  3. Sins of a Solar Spymaster #38: Self-Immolation for Fun and Profit

    Quote Originally Posted by penifSMASH View Post
    Mittani is full of shit. Karttoon was an absentee leader but we still would have lost Delve. We were starting to lose moons that were timed for our prime because it was too much effort to log in and x up. It would have been a protracted failcascade if we weren't outright disbanded.
    Blogged for lawls.
  4. Karttoon is back (with pr0n)

    Quote Originally Posted by Cycle Ratio View Post
    Karttoon went like so many pubbies whose mackinaws he blew up, throwing a massive temper tantrum like a five year old girl. A fitting end to his shitty CEOship.
  5. The Sovereignty Barf Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Faife View Post
    You mean "it's" since you're not using it possessively and you can't use a semicolon in that way; it requires two independent clauses. Like in my sentence just now.

    Here's a nice infographic on it: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/semicolon . Let's shape this forum up guys.
    That's how we roll